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All Dolexo T9 security services are the same as police dog services, trained specifically to assist security guards with their search with high standards. Our highly-trained T9 guard dog services provide comprehensive Security Mobile Patrol that match our customer’s safety. The T9 Dog Patrol Security Services team are trained with objective to provide genuine customer satisfaction, based on T9 Guard Dog Security Services solutions and Mobile Patrol Security Services safety measure with a real understanding of what our customer’s protection requires as well as we understand that real Guard Dog Security demands a high level of training.

The quality that is most associated with dogs is their extraordinary sense of smell, proving increasingly useful to the security industry and that it is one of the canine capabilities that Dolexo Security is putting to good use throughout Kenya. 

The risk of terrorist attacks against high-profile events and businesses is one of the threats that have led to an increase in canine assistance; Dolexo Security makes use of their special talents. 

Whether the requirement is for general purpose dog-handler teams, conduct perimeter patrols, search for explosives at a conference, or conduct a passive drugs search of entrants to a place of work or a high density event, Dolexo Security canine handlers and their four-legged friends are the perfect partnership to investigate all manner of suspicious or criminal activity. 

T9 Guard dog security not only gives your business and domestic premises additional security, but is also ideal for VIP events, or conferences which may need enhancing security requirements. We’re pleased to offer this service to clients who require specialised canine support, and extra security that also offers you peace of mind.


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